Facebook, good or bad- we all need better habits

Check out Dan Misener( CBC Spark) article on Facebook’s latest customer crisis. He has great background and some terrific tips for everyone whether you are a conspiracy theorist or not.

Dan has been a behind the mic brilliance for Nora Young’s CBC Spark on CBC and is the CBC resident tech columnist. He handles issues with technical clarity, practicality and minimum bombast, unlike some.  Check him out.  A couple sample privacy tips I really like and have used for awhile.  I have a huge digital footprint and have been hacked only a couple times in 20 years.

  • use an unique browser just for Facebook. ie. Chrome only. expire cookies on exit.
  • flush your browsers cache and cookies frequently- Dan tells you how.
  • don’t forget to clear the cache and cookies on your mobile devices too
  • if you must rogue surf, do it at home and not a work please! and never share your SIN, credit card- ever- ever!
  • use an unique small credit limit credit card for online commerce
  • don’t ever reply to goofy email and check the uRL of sender. Report Spam.
  • face the facts, that if you enjoy the online social networks, you face some risk of hassle but you drive a car when you know it is insanely unsafe, right?
  • Identity fraud is very serious and far more troublesome than just a financial transaction or social embarassment.

…This past weekend, the online security and privacy community was abuzz with another big Facebook story: allegations from Australia-based entrepreneur and hacker Nik Cubrilovic that “Even if you are logged out, Facebook still knows and can track every page you visit.”

Here’s how the story goes: Last year, Nik discovered that when you visit Facebook, the site leaves behind cookies that contain unique identifiers that could be used to follow you around on any site that integrates Facebook functionality. The kicker: the cookies’ unique identifiers persist, even after you’ve clicked “Log out.” He says he notified Facebook about this, but received no response….(CBC, Misener)


Could Facebook be able to track your online behaviour even after you’ve logged out? New research suggest so. Includes an interview with privacy researcher Ashkan Soltani.


LISTEN> Misener

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