Asulkan Glacier Youngs Peak Climb

We just returned from a short and sweet climb in Glacier National Park, BC, Canada. Despite nursing blisters, I enjoyed a nice overcast day for hiking the Asulkan Glacier trail to the ACC hut Friday, we were appreciative of the ACC amenities during a windy and rainy night.  The amount of snow and avalanche debris was significantly more than I’ve seen in July.  While the brandy was sipped and the coffee perked the sturdy hut was banged with severe winds and sleet from a system. Our sleep was interrupted when we were joined at 12:30am by a wet father and son climbing team who came down from Lookout Mountain in the storm! Saturday’s climb to Young’s Peak was halted just below the summit by blowing snowfall and whiteout but the practice and workout was awesome if the views poor. Heh! It beats the office! Thanks to Dave!  for rescuing my Nancy and fixing leaking plumbing while hubby played…  Photos>

Pierre, John, Al
GPS Coordinates: 51°12′ 42″-117°27′ 48″ NAD27 11U 467636 5673465
Glacier National Park, BC, Canada
Asulkan Glacier Trail.
ACC Asulkan Hut.

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