My climbing grind is in full swing

Unlike my sweet friend, Halia the Goat, who races up Grouse Grind for fun, I’m scrambling up Knox Mountain and/or other assorted peaks in a desperate attempt to not let my fellow mountain goats down. I have one more month of up and down before Mount Baker.  On Monday, John is planning a practice day hike of 20km in Okanagan Mountain Park where only Rattlers should be found dead or alive. If I blog Tuesday you know I made it home!

I’m still mopping up at at school so anyone who still thinks Librarians sit around and read newspapers- well you get the sentiment-only Admin, some clerical, custodians, IT guys, and teacher-librarians visible.  All my colleagues are long gone. I’d write a RM but it’s summer and I need positive vibes to maintain this hiking insanity. 😉

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