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Thanks to Al for all the years of skill and heart he has poured into the BCTLA in general and into the Bookmark and the DEAR posters in particular. You’ve been a huge part of what makes this organization exemplary.

And thank you Susan for stepping up to the plate. You’ve got big shoes to fill, but you’ll be working with an amazing team.

All the best to you both.

Karen Lindsay

On Tuesday, 28 June 2011, Alan Smith wrote:
> The Summer 2011 Edition Vol 51 Issue 1, of BCTLA’s professional journal theBookmark is just out! http://bctf.ca/bctla/pub/bookmark/Bookmark_summer2011.pdf
> Enjoy the read and blog at the NING http://bcteacherlibrarians.ning.com/profiles/blogs/thebookmark-bctla
> Greetings and a big welcome to Suzanne Hall, the new Senior Editor. So long, it’s been a real project. All the best from Angie and Al > —
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