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Couldn’t agree more Mary… Everyone should study CommonCraft whiteboard video explanation.
http://www.commoncraft.com/rss_plain_english. Or YouTube equivalent.

It is indeed a core library skill because it can be used to deliver content to patrons directly or through subscriptions. All the new web tools are so integrated with RSS now it is very easy. It is even integrated nicely into mobile phone alerts, etc. For Social Studies teachers and current events or even EBSCO queries, news feeds bring the content to you not the other way around.
Heather Daly blog: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/BCTLAInCirculation

More of my rambling….

We are teaching every class we can to learn about RSS and try it out. The concept is pretty easy with kids who experience FB feeds daily. Many teachers seem much more engrained in the email delivery model. They seem to believe that news feeds are just another thing to check. Until colleagues need or practice reading in a professional learning network model many powerful communication avenues remain closed. The kids will explore it because of social motivation. I think adults are the same just channeled by their interests. My challenge for change is to give my new principal 24/7 blogging and Twitter support so she can introduce that medium as her primary Admin bulletin medium rather than email lists. Why! Because her bulletins are read religiously every Monday morning as part of our faculty culture.
I find that:
Coaching is better than instruction.
On demand better than scheduled
Modelling better than persuasion

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On Wednesday, June 15, 2011, Maryann Kempthorne wrote: >
> I do feel. If there was some coaching on using RSS it would help the transition. >
> Using RSS is a core library skill these days anyway
> Maryann


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