“Who will speak for the librarians?” Q

“Who will speak for the librarians?”

Jian Ghomeshi, Q, CBC Radio

It is so bizarre to me that many Canadians fail to recognize the core of the issue. Governments are cutting the human services out of our society.  They use the tax payer protection argument relentlessly yet throw back millions easily to corporate subsidy or bale outs with no accountability. Why are librarians being cut? Can’t the public see that it is a bean counter reaction. Anyone who serves all kids all day all year and doesn’t have a report card or attendance must be wasted fat to be excised. I may be so bold to say that a strong Administrator( also with no report card or attendance) with a strong teacher-librarian is a powerful duo to lead a school forward into the 21st C.  Most of the public and many politicians are misinformed that teacher-librarians are a wasted old era.  They are just the opposite.  They are the vital guides to a powerful new technological learning commons most educators don’t yet even comprehend. Gian’s essay touched his reflective quaintness but the soul of his message has transference. Today’s kids need reading and information guides more than ever. I feel sad for the Canadians who have not experienced the magic that currently takes place in many school libraries K-12.

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