he party that failed to declare their support for an open, affordable Internet was just elected

“However, the party that failed to declare their support for an open, affordable Internet was just elected as a majority government”


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We did it. For the first time in Canadian history, you, me, and hundreds of thousands of our friends made an open, affordable Internet a key election issue. Thank you. Thank you for emailing your elected officials, for petitioning your candidates, for all the facebook “likes,” retweets, and forwards to friends. And thank you for supporting OpenMedia.ca with your financial gifts so that we can keep fighting for an open, affordable internet for all Canadians.
As many of you are aware, OpenMedia.ca’s goals for the election were to:
1 – Make the internet an election issue: 
We wanted Canadians to know about big telecom’s plans for price gouging. Our awareness campaign was a success. We reached out and engaged hundreds of thousand of Canadians throughout the country, with online tools and national media coverage.
2 – Make candidates declare their stance on our digital policy:
Mission accomplished. Thanks to the collective efforts of thousands of supporters like you, candidates from all parties across Canada pledged to stop new usage fees.
However, the party that failed to declare their support for an open, affordable Internet was just elected as a majority government.
What this means for the pro-Internet movement
This government has not yet prioritized digital policy, and it’s our job to make sure they do. You, me, and the more than 515,000 pro-Internet supporters need to build an even greater community that no government can ignore. 
Help us make history again by inviting your friends and family to join the pro-Internet community today.  
Imagine a million voices supporting the cause of an open and affordable internet. A few short months ago, it seemed impossible. But that was before half a million Canadians stood up to big telecom and demanded something better for themselves and their country. 
By making digital policy a real issue this election, you helped make history. Now let’s shape the future: help us spread the word, so that we can make history, once again.
  Steve Anderson
  National Coordinator, OpenMedia.ca
P.S. In the coming weeks and months, expect OpenMedia.ca to:
     *Host grass-roots discussions about Canada’s digital future
     *Email, call, and tweet MPs to push for an open Internet 
     *Keep a close eye on an impending set of “Lawful Access” Internet surveillance bills. 


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