Nicola Kuhn receiving the BCTLA New TL of the Year award


Here are the TLs of SD20 celebrating Nicola Kuhn’s receiving the BC New TL of the Year award, with their Superintendent! You should be very proud to note that there are only 11 TLs in SD20, and 9 of them are in the picture below (2 missing). Most of them are BCTLA members; it’s a great little Chapter of ours! Marilyn says that they are a “a beacon from a little lighthouse, none the less, continuing to shine”.
Cheers, Congratulations!
-Heather Daly, President BCTLA
Cc: Heather Johnston; Corinne Tamelin; Louise Sidley; Maureen Mattson; Sandi Lamont; Tracey Minor; Carmen Davis; Darlene Ross-Barrett; Marilyn Lunde; Rick Galliver; Nicola Kuhn; Daly, Heather
Subject: 4 great iPhotos
Hi Everyone: I thought I would share Nicola Kuhn’s congratulatory pictures for the BC Teacher Librarian’s “New” Teacher Librarian of the Year Award. First picture: Jean Borsa, Superintendent of SD 20 gives Nicola a warm expression of appreciation for her award.
Picture # 2 and 3, Teacher Librarians share in Nicola’s honor from left to right back row: Sandi Lamont, Maureen Mattson, Rick Galliver, Nicola Kuhn, Heather Johnston, Jean Borsa, Front Row: Marilyn Lunde, Corinne Tamelin, Tracey Minor, Louise Sidley, and Lisa Vanness. Missing: Carmen Davis and Darlene Ross-Barrett.
Congratulaions, Nicola. What a great group!
Marilyn Lunde

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