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@DianeRavitch, 5/29/11 11:20 AM

Some very acute assessment from huge education crisis in US. Seems to me that it is part of the assault on the middle class and the widely held ideals of American democracy. I care because we so often follow there … Continue reading

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26 May, Get out there, marvel at the world

Get out there, inspiring catch from an inspiring fisher in an inspiring place, Ken’s rainbow at Roche Lake , BC Sent from my iPad

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Atwood says keep librarians at BookExpo

“All of this depends on the persistence of reading,” Atwood said, touting the need for educational outreach to young people. “The librarian is the key person you don’t want to remove from a school.” She said being able to surf … Continue reading

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My Take on Librarians (via )

We need to improve the health and fitness of our information technology skills if we intend to move teaching practice forward so public education matters. The social political world is a moving target and we need to adapt quickly or … Continue reading

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Are Librarians, Not Seth Godin, The Ones Missing the Point on Libraries? I’m with the Unquiet Librarian on this one. I think libraries need to be more than spaces with books but embedded centers of learning. Successful, busy, energetic libraries today already have these traits. The spaces, resources, including librarians, are … Continue reading

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Thanks to the Director

Just want to thank Jacqueline van Dyk , Director, Public Library Services Branch, Ministry of Education, for her visit to the Library at Kelowna Secondary School yesterday.  Not only was it wonderful to be asked but also a real joy … Continue reading

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