Libya- we have seen this movie before!

Libya- another war? Really! Ironic, I just listened to an author speak about the insanity of war in solving problems. Our self-interest is the problem.

I’m no expert but…when will our elite figure out the reality that only 5% of victims in war are soldiers! It’s FN 2011 you morons! Ghadafi Hussein, Pinnoche? whatever, children and mothers primarily die, get mamed or are torn asunder from school, food, shelter, family. SHIT! we have entire villages in Iraq where boys never had a mother. These damages youth cannot learn how to nurture. Are we surprised they grow up to be tyrants!!

Libyan children will be no different regardless if a UN Res1974(2011) helps urban filthy rich and powerful men sleep better! For the love of God people, wake up and talk to one another. Surely there is a better way to replace a tyrant than bombs? This Ghadafi UN bullshit is going to put Egypt and Tunisia and others at risk. It’s only Sunday and already Russia and Arab League is screaming foul!

Why does this old skeptic think this mess is still about oil. We are addicted. Until we get sober folks and find a sustainable way to live, these foolish wars will continue.


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