My colleague-the mother of all composters :-)


Dayna Margetts is sponsoring a composting program at KSS.  These I’m sure it is the last thing you wanted to do… ROTTEN  job but I think your effort in this effort is commendable.  Not just sponsor but inventer, promoter, supervisor and volunteer.  The organic material from a school of 1800 teens is huge.  Why not make a statement by modelling the appropriate action!  Kids figure it out when we are hypocrits.

Who says teachers only work 6 hours a day!

I’ve been composting at home and I can’t believe the amount of material that does not go into the landfill now.  My shrubs love it.  Another thought in this regard.  My parents ( that is really long time ago now! ) composted in the 60’s.  I remember hauling the stinkin’ junk into the back yard and thinking, “WHEN I grow up I’m going use the stupid garbage! ”  And here we are….the old man wasn’t so dumb!

ps. now I would be a happy old fart, if we could cut down on the PAPER!  PEOPLE! it is bad!

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