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foganddog005, a photo by okflyfisher on Flickr. Today Nancy and I walked our dog Maddie at the Treadgold home and Bertram Creek Park, Kelowna. The day started off very foggy and misty but the sun worked it’s magic to make … Continue reading

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CBC Spark:142 |Multitasking myth, blogger portraits, Multitasking. Since we’re on the topic of distraction, if there’s any one person who has studied all aspects of it, that’s Clifford Nass. He’s a professor at Standford University and an expert on how multitasking effects our brain. Although … Continue reading

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Censorship misinformation

.. about Vancouver’s School Libraries and book banning issues Replayed discussion: I get worried when I see these polarizing discussions enter the BC education landscape. Economics, politics, methods, ok, we can differences but extremist thinking that excites intolerance is not … Continue reading

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Current Libya Drive me crazy

I’m already so sick of all the think tanks, experts, and politicians rationalizing jets and bombs and death for Libyans because Gadafi is such a bad man! ” oh I hate to imagine the scene in Benghazzi if we didn’t … Continue reading

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Flipboard iPad just flipped me!

I have played( always how I learn best) with Flipboard on the iPad and was very intrigued. The modular nature of building your publication means your content and the posts from favorite feeds can be interwoven. The square panels of … Continue reading

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Just a thought- maybe we need to be honest?

I tend to rant and rave and obsess over the news.  This is not always a healthy practice. Heck, it is an horrible practice but the alternative is the cause of so much global grief.  I’m speaking of ignorance via … Continue reading

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