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Students Collaborate with Building Bibliography Online

Sometimes teens teach me things when they get the chance to explore and choose their tools. Mrs. Clarke’s Socials 11 class are busy doing research into the 20’s and 30’s in Canada. Teacher-librarian Ms. Bede , worked out criteria for the task’s evaluation- which included a complete Works Cited page. We’ve been using our school’s NoodleTools account and encourage students to use various features of the web service. We’ve also been emphasizing the value of building their independence while researching but never at the detriment of collaborating or knowing when and where to seek help.

Well Andrea and Nadine sure developed that today. They logged into NoodleTools and found a beta feature with GoogleDocs. So while they worked on their project together they also were sharing/editing the SAME bibliography page of their sources.  They drilled in and tried it out using their Gmail accounts all on their own. (the literateowl was no where to be seen- busy on his knees inside a photocopier! )  Seeing their laptop screens with the same working copy of citations while they talked out their content was a pretty cool moment in TL Friday. Great job girls!

Meanwhile Madison was working on her Fashion theme of the 1920s developing a presentation.  She obviously has the artistic eye and style because her slides and visuals were stunning. I was very impressed. I don’t see that quality at her age often. Lovely exploding 3d oblique pie graphs -Zen like!

We had some other kids embedding video clips into their slides. In fact one boy found an old online tutorial of mine that I forgot about and said it worked.  Navigating around Microsoft’s PPT Developer Tab can be messy. I wish I could get them trying other apps and platforms…but he was excited about learning a bit of scripting.

A good day was had by all. The only downer to these terrific research skills and content creation was poor Mrs. Clarke was home sick and missed her own students! 😦



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