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Fighting to absorb the last hours of summer vacation, my mind was thrust into pondering our school library program at Kelowna Secondary School.

Recently we had the pleasure of writing a library profile for School Libraries in Canada. http://clatoolbox.ca/casl/slicv28n3/283profile.html

During Labour Day weekend writing anything can be a challenge but Sharon and I felt honoured to be asked by the editor Derrick Grose. I only wish our narrative could justly reflect the realities of our challenging and exciting assignment.
Visit our library online at: http://www.kss.sd23.bc.ca/rc
Read the journal at http://www.clatoolbox.ca/casl/slic

Current edition of CLA/CASL’s SLIC School Libraries in Canada now posted. Library profile- difficult but ultimately fun and even practical.

My partner, Sharon Bede, and I really found the exercise valuable but also daunting. Singing my school’s praises does make me feel weird but I also wanted to reflect, review and summarize the complexity of a school program on behalf of all the hardworking and often burdened professional TL’s. We often fret and obsess with our work but we also strive to honour the virtues of education in a free and progressive nation. Our teaching colleagues should be proud of the traditional high standards of TL’s

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