Baseball’s Junior was special treat

I played , watched, breathed baseball for most of my life. One character in the Show I enjoyed was Orioles Cal Ripkin Jr. Another jr that shined was Ken Griffey Jr.

sweet swingSI’s Joe Posnanski has written two good columns aBout Ken Griffey Jr. the KID, or Junior. The jr, because of allstar father with Reds, was maybe greatest ever to play until his stellar rise faded in his 30’s.

Junior was a great ballplayer and the buzz in Seattle when he was gliding around the Kingdome was so much fun. His smile and love of the game was contagious and hopeful years before steroid scandles hit. Both Ripkin and Griffey’s names were never mentioned in that bar room Rx banter. My young son and I packed a few road trips to live some Mariner joy. Alas, they never won a title and Junior retired ringless.

I am blogging this story because Posnanski’s writing hit the melancholy nerve of fondness for an expired era. Junior symbolizes the sweet skills of an ancient game and his welcoming us to a modern era where DH and backwards facing NewEra hats. His smile was only outglittered by a smooth powerful lefty swing likely to be unmatched.

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