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Too bad I can’t watch this at school with my amazing teenagers? BC Gov’s PLN now blocks CBC streaming video! What ever encryption CBC uses to protect its content should still not be an issue.

CBC DocAnyway, this is another quality broadcast by CBC Documentaries. 4 parts.  Next view is Sunday 5EST. It is an honest look at modern Africa living but nevertheless, one segment on the crisis of female circumcision was so disturbing. Horror! The Doc also follows a girls soccer program on the eve of the World Cup in South Africa.  Online at:

In Africa, as in so many other places, sports have traditionally been a man’s world. And until recently, women entered at the risk of being scorned or laughed at. But the amazing Sahar El-Hawary and her female soccer team are no joke. She is the first women’s referee in North Africa and also the first female member of the Egyptian Football Federation. And she has put women’s soccer on the map – not just in her native Egypt but also in the entire Arab world. We follow Sahar through poor and middle-class neighbourhoods of Cairo, a chaotic mega-city that’s home to 20 million people. It’s here she recruits young women as soccer players and potential referees. Sahar is determined to break down all barriers in her patriarchal Muslim society, but not everyone is willing to change.  We meet a young player from a poor area whose family is against women playing sports. Meeting her brothers, we get a sense of the frustrations faced by young Egyptians, who wrestle with restrictions imposed by tradition in many areas of their lives, from sports to romantic relationships.

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