School Library Profile for School Libraries in Canada

School Library Profile for School Libraries in Canada

Would you like other school librarians to see your school library?  If so, please submit a school library profile for consideration for inclusion in School Libraries in Canada (, the Canadian Association of School Libraries’ on-line journal.  With the participation of teachers and other workers in school libraries across the country, we hope to show the diversity of school libraries and the communities they serve across Canada.  We also hope to show how much we have in common as we work to promote literacy and develop research skills.

Submissions can be sent by email to or mailed to:

Derrick Grose

c/o Lisgar Collegiate Institute

29 Lisgar Street

Ottawa, Ontario

K2P 0B9

While all submissions will be considered, not all submissions will necessarily be published. It is not necessary to complete all sections of the school profile and, if you prefer, you can submit the profile in narrative form in paragraphs.

Name of School


Description of Community

Contact Person:

Contact Email:

Grades Taught

Number of Students

Number of Teachers

Number of Teacher-Librarians


Library Technicians

Size of Collection

Number of Computers

Special Programs

Most Popular Book(s) or Resource(s)

Most Distinctive Features



Website URL (if any)

Anything else you would like to mention that we did not think to ask

Original Photographs (preferably at least 300 dpi in .jpg format with signed release for any recognizable individuals who are featured centrally in the photographs). Please include the name of the photographer and appropriate captions in the space below.

(Please pass this along to anybody who might appreciate a chance

to share and celebrate their library and the work they do in it.)


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