BC: remember the proclamation- worlds most literate province

So what dies BC do? Slash school libraries and budgets, rewrite School Act allowing open season on specialty teachers and reduce postsecondary seats. ///After a discussion on textbook distribution, this:
“…The future is exciting, though. School libraries are now mandatory, the definition and function yet to establish. 2011 a new high school curriculum is to be effectuated. It will include a stress on Academic Honesty and Information Literacy, calling for a professional description of librarians. Moreover, an exam essay much like extended essay in IB will be mandatory irrespective of educational program. A call for organized collaboration teacher – librarian. And task priority will be on the agenda.
Now that’s an interesting direction, actually acting on the Library in Every School proclamation. Karen Lindsay, teacher-librarian

iPhone message…
Never confuse the special devices that connect us, with the precious moments that keep us together.


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