BCTLA Forum BCTLA News Inner Demons: Robert Munsch’s struggle with cocaine use

Just watched Munsch interview and was impressed with his courage but also the progress he has made considering his demeanour. What is also very sad for me is it took decades of pain and risk before Munsch could receive treatment. Mental illness is far bigger than just the alcoholism component.

His fans, especially kids, can benefit from his disclosure because he had contributed toward a smarter more empathetic society. A society that sadly stil sees illness as a guilt ridden failure. Many people with BPD have mirrored Munsch’s story with far sadder ending. Al Smith

On Saturday, May 15, 2010, Val Hamilton wrote:
> National Post: 2010 May 15
> Canadian bestselling children’s author Robert Munsch admits to a history of cocaine abuse to dull the effects of his bipolar disorder in a Global television interview scheduled to air on Saturday. >


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