How to Be a Naughty Librarian |

How to Become a Naughty Librarian |
Haven’t figured this one out yet, but heh! I’m a man! I need to work this out…
Becoming a sexy librarian is easy. If you are already a librarian you can learn to attract admirers and create a look that men will admire and women will want to emulate. Play off the image of librarians that become sexy once they take off their glasses and wear a slighty revealing outfit…
Start with the right clothing. A naughty librarian should dress the part. Wear a low cut shirt that calls attention to your cleavage. Use a push up bra to make men aware of your top. Wear fabrics that are silky and thin give off an air of vulnerability. Add trim that calls attention to your small waistline.
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Everything you are against, weakens you; everything you are for, empowers you.

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