How to Care

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How to Care –
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You can’t bastardize “caring” into a technique.
There’s no formula.
There’s no handbook.
There’s no seven-step system.
It’s not about doing it the right way – it’s more about your willingness TO care, you awareness OF caring, and consistency with which you DO care.
THE HARD PART IS: Caring takes a lot of work.
If you’re up to the challenge, here’s a list of ideas that might help:
1. Bother to do things. To come. To call. To stay. To ask. To reply. To say hi. To clean up. To give it some thought. To include people. To learn their names. (Just to name a few.) Learn to befriend simplicity. You’ll discover that the beauty to caring is found is in the basic. ….” read more… How to Care –


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