Pay Attention Girls

Dirty pictures I didn’t want taken?
-Rachel Shukert

Some years ago, when I was young and stupid(er), I was at a launch party on the Lower East Side for some defunct magazine, the kind that served mostly as a repository for party pictures of the editor’s awesome and creatively dressed friends. These magazines don’t really exist anymore, investors and editors alike having realized that the same operating model can be achieved on Facebook with no overheard costs or pesky editorial content, but this was a different time, the nascent digital age, before “print media” had transformed into an archaic concept, like “happiness” or “money.”

I had never heard of this magazine, which seemed a compelling reason to go: If I hadn’t heard of it, it must be cool. ….

…I think we all know freedom’s not another word for doing whatever some guy with a camera and a compliment wants you to. Freedom — and power — is about being able to say no when it counts.(

Rachel Shukert’s new book, “Everything Is Going to Be Great,” will be published in July by Harper Perennial. Follow her on Twitter at @RachelShukert.


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