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Depression Rx

Here’s some depressing recent medical news: Antidepressants don’t work. What’s even more depressing is that the pharmaceutical industry and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have deliberately deceived us into believing that they DO work. As a physician, this is frightening … Continue reading

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Huffington Post: Sandwich-Board Job Hunter Finds Work After 2 Years

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BoobQuake-woman protests clerics earthequake claim

Help fight supernatural thinking and the oppression of women, just by dressing immodestly! “If memory serves me correctly, I was wearing a little white tank top and a short black skirt. I had been raised Orthodox Muslim, so I had … Continue reading

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Steffenhagen- School Trustees meet w MinEduc

Minister Macdiarmid in denial: “feel the love” that’s not what I heard. Some say Trustees received the Minister with just enough tolerance to be civil. The good news! About time! BCSSTA Motion: …… Not expecting love: Education Minister Margaret MacDiarmid … Continue reading

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Pay Attention Girls

Dirty pictures I didn’t want taken? -Rachel Shukert READ MORE: Some years ago, when I was young and stupid(er), I was at a launch party on the Lower East Side for some defunct magazine, the kind that served mostly as … Continue reading

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BC Libraries slashed- a political tipping point?

Close the book on BC libraries!¬† Education Ministry’s budget slashes will close school libraries. Recently some people¬† have become aware that programs in BC schools are being serious victims of a financial strategy that’s been around since Campbell took office. … Continue reading

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