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This stuff never works for me-but alas no one thinks I’m the librarian anyway. Most think im the custodian because i have a swiffer on my desk. LOL

How to pick up a librarian
Posted: April 15, 2010, 11:58 AM by NP Editor
Vong Sundara, a Post employee who headlining tonight’s “Laughter for Literacy” comedy show in Toronto. If you happen to find yourself attracted to the power of the librarian:
“Come closer, baby, I just want to see if we are on the same page.”
“Let’s play search engine: enter your terms and see if you get positive results.”
“Do you have any overdue books, because you have fine written all over you?”
“Care to slip between the covers with me?”
“Can I get a library card, so I can check you out?”
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