Sick of ‘shock doctrine’ in BC

Like my esteemed colleague quoted in the previous post below, I too was jolted away from the public education I hold so dear, by poor health. Upon return, finding the status of my position as a high school teacher-librarian in jeopardy was disheartening; moreover, the loss of school library programs across Kelowna breaks my heart. No major press release of ‘ libraries slashed’ required because, like Vancouver, quiet cannibalism is far superior method. Even the intelligent and good hearted administrators in SD23 cannot avoid these dark days because of the current BC government priorities. I am so sick of witnessing unwise tactics, as outlined in Naomi Klein’s book Shock Doctrine, where the calamity of Wall Street or 911 are used to oppress sound fair public policy. Gordan Campbell’s timely deboning of public education continues-blinded by Olympic joy and rationalized by 2008/09 recession. Yet, he gives hugely profitable Canadian banks massive multimillion dollar tax relief. I am sick of seeing effective institutions that used to serve people being dismantled and eroded while private interests of the few are supported. Watching world recognized library programs, that nurture our 21stC information age children, being murdered by financial waterboarding, breaks my heart. It’s not just about losing a job, or suffering along with other labour casualties, it is about witnessing a public services coup d’état while we all sleep or dream. Sound democratic institutions that made Canada a global envy during the last century are almost all sabotaged by 2010. Our leaders have given away the farm while all the hard working farmers were busy tending the fields! Enough already! Let us all see the deceit that weakens our parliamentary democracy, abuses the public while serving a tiny elite.


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