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Hooray! Good for you Nicola! Well said!

As your colleague and fellow BCTLA member, I appreciate your contributions. Your dedication to your career through education, program design and involvement with kids is very note worthy. Getting involved by writing your blog, contributing to the Bookmark and participating in the BCTLA Forum goes a long way to helping. Thanks!

“…Our school lifted all filters in September. Jean Borsa, Superintendent of SD 20 urged all district schools to lift blocks. She is aware of the value of using technology to encourage engagement, collaboration and global communication.”

Your Superintendent Borsa is a courageous realistic and aware administrator. Frankly, she may as well be from Mars in BC;
nevertheless, managing this issue in Rossland is easier than Surrey or Victoria. I salut her approach if she supports it with policy , training and attitude. Most districts are reducing teacher-librarians and other resources that advocate for your position on SNS just when the demand is rising.

Social Networking is today’s TV and I don’t know a library or school who does not embrace televison or at least use it. Facebook has issues and hazards but we also have parents in porn, cops on bribes, bullying on the playground and extremist at airports, etc. Has the ‘war on terror’ worked? Has the ‘war on drugs’ or ‘just say no’ been effective? There are no easy solutions to large problems. Adults need to get involved and engaged on the groundfloor, work hard, and pray because none of us live without risks.

I heard the ‘filtering’ argument when the web entered schools in the early 90’s. NetNannyism is not the answer. Gatekeepers are looking to technology to protect kids from technology- absurd. Technology does not solve problem in isolation of socialization. The filtering camp would not suggest video surveillence exclusively and layoff the entire police force and community involement. Intenet filtering is like hiring 2 college kids with Law101 to manage all of YVR’s security needs.

It’s time gatekeepers harnessed education not prohibition. Learn the pitfalls and the assets of a technology that is here to stay.

Voices like yours Nicola are our hope for securing value in EDUC technology and the broader mission of public education!

Al Smith
@literateowl @bctla



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